Towards a Healthier Kenya

Our goal is to provide quality and affordable healthcare to all.
Bliss Healthcare relies on 4 key pillars for all its operations:


Bliss Healthcare wants to ensure as many Kenyans as possible have a Medical Centre near them. To do this, the hospital has been setting up outlets in all parts of the country, including the remote areas such as Maralal, Kakuma and so on. By doing so, it has reduced the distance, time and transport costs that the local communities need to cover in order to access healthcare.

Quality Services:

Bliss Healthcare wants to ensure consistency of the quality of service provided to its patients. It is a policy that no matter where in the country a patient is, they shall receive the same quality of medical care. This means that even if one was in Nairobi while another patient was in Marsabit, the equipment available, the staffing as well as the medication provided is all of the same standard


One of the biggest hindrance of accessing healthcare in Kenya is the huge costs associated with quality healthcare. With the public health system stretched and the private healthcare system deemed out of reach for the common mwananchi, Bliss Healthcare sought to bridge the gap. Bliss came into the picture with an aim of providing satisfactory services at very affordable rates.

Community Engagement:

Bliss Healthcare has a very robust CSR programme that has seen it annually conduct free medical camps; free tests at its various medical centres including free BP, BMI, Random Blood Sugars, Optical and Dental checks; visits and donations to children’s homes, schools and farming communities and Free health talks and screening camps at various companies.

Quality Care Close to Home

Our integrated network of over 65 state-of-the-art Medical Centres all across Kenya, enables us to stay committed to providing exceptional and high quality healthcare at affordable cost. We are passionate about our patients’ well being, and are committed to being your guide on your path to a good health


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Patient Testimonials

Wairimu Chege, Murang'a
“ This is the best private outpatient facility in Murang'a town. Affordably priced, very friendly staff, the place is underrated! ”
Clint, Nairobi
“ As for me, it's different. I want to congratulate the following organization with the best customer services: @Blissmedical_ ”
Karimi, College House CBD
“College House Branch, thank you. Very respectful staff, great service delivery, keep up the good work! ”

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